About Us


The Paper Stone was created out of a love for quality paper goods that feature the liveliest and cheeriest designs and illustrations. I am an ardent lover of art and design, colours and patterns, a throwback to my days in design school. One day, it dawned on me that it was difficult to find great designs on notebooks, without feeling like I had to empty my pockets for it. I wanted everyone to enjoy and appreciate good design, and to be able to collect a whole series of notebooks – one for each class you had in school, notes you had to make at work, or topic you wanted to write on for leisure. I envisioned products to make you happy, wherever you go.

And that was how it all started.

Today, we endeavor to provide good quality products at great value prices. We keep our designs fresh and exciting, and at limited quantities to ensure exclusivity for our customers. From journals to doodle pads, pens to animal erasers, craft stamps to stickers, we work to ensure you’d find something you love in our store.

We hope you’d take this journey with us, as we strive to grow The Paper Stone to become the brand you can rely on for your stationery needs.


Every notebook from The Paper Stone has been designed with care and love. We aim to create beautiful, unique designs that stand apart from the rest. And we would like to be that statement piece you bring with you everywhere you go. And to achieve that, we have limited our designs to very selected quantities. Once sold out, a reprint of that design is highly unlikely.

If you like our designs, and you favour our philosophy, do take time to browse and pick up a notebook for yourself. With every design considered a limited edition, you will be keeping a piece of our history with you.