• Attractive discounts on merchandise
  • Special in-store promotions
  • Extra credits with every top-up*
  • Get the scoop on latest products
  • Be invited to special events and much, much more...
  • With The Paper Stone Membership Card, you will get to share in the joy and excitement that stationery at The Paper Stone brings. It’s kind of like how we feel everyday in our store. With special discounts and privileges every day of the year, it’s happy days, happy shopping!


    * Extra credits are given with $55 and $107 top-up amounts.

    1) What is The Paper Stone Membership?
    The Paper Stone Membership is essentially a pre-paid card, which may be topped up at any time, and it allows members to enjoy membership discounts throughout the year. How cool is that?

    2) How do I become a member?
    Simply talk to any of our friendly staff in the store. You may choose to purchase either the $55 or $107 Membership Card. You will be entitled to $58 and $115 credits respectively. Once you have The Paper Stone Membership Card, you may purchase anything in-store at members’ discounted prices. That’s great savings for you, 365 days a year!

    3) How do I check the balance of my credits?
    Simply approach any one of our friendly staff in-store to request for your TPS Membership Card credit balance.

    4) What should I do when I have insufficient credits in the Membership Card?
    Just top up the Membership Card to a value you are comfortable with. The minimum top-up is $22. And you may also top up in denominations of $55 and $107.

    5) What is the advantage of topping up more in the Membership Card?
    For every $22 top up, there are no additional credits given.
    For every $55 top up, members enjoy an additional $3 credits (total of $58 credits). Awesome!
    For every $107 top up, members enjoy an additional $8 credits (total of $115 credits). Whoo-hoo!

    6) What modes of payment can I use to top up the TPS Membership Card?
    You may use cash, NETS, credit cards – Visa and Mastercard – and also, mall vouchers at participating outlets. (Please ask in-store for more details on payment methods.)

    7) What should I expect on becoming a TPS member?
    There are loads in store for you! Other than year-round membership discounts, we also offer promotions that are exclusive only to our members.

    * All prices listed are inclusive of GST.

    1) Are there any fees for the Membership Card?
    Nope, no fees. That’s the best thing! There is no registration fee, no subscription fee, and no renewal fee.

    2) Is there an expiry date for the Membership Card?
    No, there is no expiry date. The Membership Card lasts as long as it has credits contained in the card. Basically, it’d last a lifetime if you continue to visit our stores.

    3) Are there any age limits to join the TPS Membership Club?
    No, there is no minimum or maximum age limit to become a member. Everyone’s invited!

    1) Where can the Membership Card be used?
    Once you have the TPS Membership Card, you may purchase products from any of our stores in Singapore. We apologise that The Membership Card cannot be used for online purchases.

    2) How do I ensure no one uses my Membership Card credits?
    Upon registration of the card, members will be required to key in a numeric personal identification number (PIN). No one else will have access to that PIN. The Paper Stone also keeps records of all past transactions, and hence will be able to determine the value spent in prior purchases.

    3) What happens if I lose my Membership Card?
    We are able to check your remaining credits at any of our stores, and with your NRIC and numeric PIN, you may still purchase goods from any store. However, to get a replacement card, there is a $10 card replacement fee.

    Alternatively, you may sign up for a new Membership Card, and transfer the existing credits from your old card to the new card. This requires 1-2 business days, as the transfer process is done by our administrative team at our headquarters.

    4) I have $5 worth of credits in my TPS Membership Card. I would like to purchase a book that is $6.93 at member price (original price of $9.90). What should I do?
    All products must be paid with your TPS Membership Card credits in order to enjoy the discounts. You may choose to top up $22, $55 or $107 for additional credits.

    If you decide to use cash, you will need to pay $9.90, which is the original price, and you will not be entitled to the TPS Member discounts.

    Due to the bonus credits given whenever you top up $55 or $107, we apologise that we do not allow part payment in credits, and part payment in cash.

    5) I realized I bought two Membership Cards. Can I combine all the credits into one card?
    Yes, you may consolidate all credits into one card. Just email us at This requires 1-2 business days, as our administrative team at our headquarters will do the transfer.

    We apologise that we are unable to offer this service of combining card credits at our stores.

    6) I have excess credits in my Membership Card that I no longer wish to spend. Can I get a refund?
    No, unfortunately, due to the bonus credits given whenever you top up $55 or $107, cash refunds are not allowed. There is no expiry on the Membership Card, and members are free to use the membership credits any time they wish to do so. We appreciate your understanding on this.

    7) What should I do if I forgot my PIN?
    Please head down to any of our stores and reset your password PIN.

    8) What do I do if I have a change of particulars?
    Simply email to us at and let us know the changes in your particulars.

    * All prices listed are inclusive of GST.


    • The Paper Stone Membership Card entitles the cardholder to special discounts and privileges on products at participating The Paper Stone stores in Singapore only. The Membership Card cannot be used on our online store

    • Discount only applies if credits from the Membership Card are used to pay in full.

    • Top-up is available in $22, $55 and $107 amounts. Every $55 topped up entitles you to an extra $5 credit. Every $107 topped up entitles you to an extra $8 credit. (All prices inclusive of GST.)

    • You may check your balance credit at any of our stores.

    • A $10 charge will be imposed for replacement of lost card.

    • This card is fully transferable.

    • Credits from the Membership Card cannot be redeemed for cash.

    • The management reserves the right to amend or withdraw the privileges and terms and conditions without prior notice.